16 October 2014

Why are some values from last month different?

In the monthly report you can see the current reports months values compared with last month. However, you may have noticed that previous months values may be different than the actual report from last month. There are two reasons why this can happen.

First its important to know that we always read new data from previous months rather than using what we have calculated last month. So reason one it's beause sometimes your older posts still receive some interactions and impressions. Your latest report will have updated values about your last months efforts.

Secondly, we compare current and last months values based on the actual timeframe. Not calender month. For example, September has 30 days and August 31 days. To make comparisons fair, we compare 30 days of September to 30 days of August. On the other side, if a month has 31 days and the previous month 30, we will analyze 30 days + 1 day from previous previous month. To compare 31 days with, well… 31 days :)

If you have any questions about this let us know and we'll be happy to answer this for you more thorougly.

15 October 2014

Update 1.16

Here's an update for the monthly strategic report running version 1.16.

- [!] On the ROI page, the circle on the top left, indicate the ROI ratio between generated ad value and paid media
- Fixed some issue with indexes on negative feedback and sentiment
- Fixed bug where goals for negative feedback with values less than 1, would position too far on the right side
- Historical line graphs have deeper clearer colors

15 October 2014

Introduction of our blog

Through our new blog section we want to keep you informed about updates and development of our services. Now and then we provide deep insights in how to effectively use our data by using real world examples. Stay tuned :)